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17 November 2017

Deputy president of india Venkaiah Naidu Salary

Venkaiah Naidu Salary
 Venkaiah Naidu Salary
There is no provision for the salary of the Vice-President of India in that capacity.He or she receives a salary in the capacity as the ex officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha (Council of States), which is currently Rs. 1,25,000 per month.In addition, he or she is entitled to a daily allowance, free furnished residence, medical, travel and other facilities.The constitution provides that when the ex officio Vice-President acts as the President or discharges the duties of the President, he or she is entitled to the salary and privileges of the President. The pension for the Vice-President is 50% of the salary.(source wikipedia)

Vishal caught with lots of cash in IT raid

A viral video showing Vishal standing in front of a heap of notes nervously answering officials allegedly from IT department caused a lot of speculation in the state.

The reason being that IT officials conducted a raid at Vishal's office recently which was incidentally in correlation with his comments about BJP leader H Raja. Vishal strictly maintained innocence and claimed that he had paid his taxes and is ready to provide any documents and would answer any questions asked by IT officials.The video, going viral, where a man secretly films the incident apparently made many judge the actor's stand against black money. The video shows Vishal standing next to a heap of Rs 2000 notes. When an official asks him to give an account for the money, Vishal gets annoyed and asks the guy recording the video to stop it.
However, this video is only a mid part of an elaborate version. In the other video, as Vishal is trying to enact the scene, Arjun intervenes and is heard saying why are you wasting your time when set is ready for the shot. He scolds the supposed IT guy and shows that the bundles of cash is just paper.(source indiatoday)

How its possible to Kerala ambulance driver covers 516 km in 7hrs to save baby's life

A Kerala ambulance driver taking a one-month-old infant for an urgent heart surgery from Kannur to a Thiruvananthapuram hospital completed the 516-km distance, which usually takes 14 hours, in just 7 hours. Kerala Police and Child Protect Team organisation also pitched in by appealing to the public to co-operate and avoid any obstruction on the ambulance's route for easy passage.(source inshorts)
Kerala ambulance driver
Kerala ambulance driver

Flight Attendant’s Hilarious Safety Check Goes Viral

A flight attendant performing his own very special rendition of a safety check went viral this week after a passenger posted the video to Facebook. Samantha Lynch Kintner was travelling on Southwest Airlines Flight 1597 from Dallas to Las Vegas Nov. 9 when the entertainment took place.
Flight Safety Check
Flight Safety Check Goes Viral

In video Kintner posted to Facebook Friday, the flight attendant could be seen putting his own spin on safety guidelines while another flight attendant read the safety checklist.

'My flight attendant was awesome,' Kintner wrote alongside the video. The footage had more than 23,000 views by Tuesday afternoon.

The flight attendant was identified by Southwest as Nicholas Demore, according to WIS-TV.

'Everyone thought he was hilarious,' Kintner said. 'He was funny throughout the flight.'

Passengers on the plane could be heard laughing throughout the video. The airline, for its part, lauded Demore’s attitude.

'Our employees are known for their fun loving attitudes,' a spokesperson said through email, according to WIS. 'We love that he has created such a lighthearted and memorable experience for Southwest customers!'(source msn)