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03 March 2015

Actor Comedian Sudhakar Health Condition?

Actor Comedian Sudhakar Health ConditionSudhakar was born February 1, 1956 in Markapuram, Prakasam district.
Sudhakar being a South Indian film comedian-actor acted in more than 600 films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi Languages. Sudhakar was entered film industry as a hero. Then become a comedian very popular comedian in 80′s and90′s by his dialogue pronunciation.
Sudhakar Betha was a room-mate as well as classmate of renown actor and Telugu Megastar Padmabhushan Dr Chiranjeevi at the Madras Film Institute along with Narayan
Rao.Among the three friends, Sudhakar got the chance to act as a hero even before good boy. He is also known as Piccha kottudu Sudhakar by many.
Sudhakar and Chiranjeevi entered Tollywood at the same time. AT that time many thought that Sudhakar will become a big hero while many rubbished off Chiranjeevi. But later Chiranjeevi surpassed the estimates and became one of Tollywood’s all time big heroes.
Sudhakar was a successful hero in Tamil pictures. Radhika and Sudhakar were hit pair on those days. In nearly 18 pictures they acted as hero and heroine. He nearly acted in 50 films Tamil. Srushti Rahasyalu was first film in Telugu after that Oorikichina Maata.

Sudhakar also produced several films in Telugu, including the super hit film Yamudiki Mogudu.
Tollywood actor-producer Sudhakar who has been admitted into a private hospital on July 4, 2010 has slipped into coma.
He has been hospitalized for neurological and kidney ailments. His condition is described as critical as he is also afflicted with high blood pressure and diabetes.His career has seen a down fall. For few years, he didn’t even appear in any movies.

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