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17 January 2018

Telangana person Bharat Reddy Narahari was killed in US

Telangana man Bharat Reddy Narahari was killed in a road accident in the United States. Bharat was earlier critically injured in a road mishap that took place in Miami on January 13 (Saturday) at around 9.40 AM EST.He was later declared dead. Apparently, it was a bike mishap.
Telangana,man,Bharat Reddy,Narahari,killed,US,death
Telangana person Bharat Reddy Narahari was killed in US

Learning about the incident, Bharat's brother Mohit Reddy, who stays in Australia, rushed to Florida.

Bharat had been in the US for nearly 10 years. Did his master's degree in computer science in 2006-2007 from the University of Bridgeport, Bharat was working with the business intelligence system of Baptist Health in South Florida.He was working on the SAP Business Intelligence System in the firm.

Bharat's parents, who live in Vidyanagar area of Karimnagar town, originally hail from Malkapuram village.His father Laxma Reddy is a retired government teacher.Both Laxma Reddy and his wife have been informed about his son's demise.Efforts are under way to bring the mortal remains of Bharat Reddy to Karimnagar.His final rites will be done in Karimnagar town only.(source gulte)

God Sex And Truth Adult Movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma

Adult film star Mia Malkova took to Twitter recently to announce her film God, Sex and Truth directed by Ram Gopal Varma.
God,Sex,Truth,Adult,Movie,directed,by,Ram Gopal Varma,gst
God Sex And Truth Adult Movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma

The director-actor duo was all praises for each other and Mia also shared a couple of stills and poster from the film on Twitter.Ram Gopal Varma has now shared a trailer of the film which gives you a sneak peek into what you can expect from the film. The trailer talks about sex in an altogether different light and is a refreshing change to see a film which does not mean to scandalise this concept and give you guilty pleasure.

The director has also added quotes about sex from popular personalities, which gives proper direction to his thought process about what he wants to say through his film.Speaking about the film, RGV said in his Facebook post, “God, Sex and Truth is neither a film, nor a short film nor a series. It’s about Mia Malkova speaking about Sex and how much it means to her. I both as a person and as a filmmaker very strongly believe in the underlying depth of what God, Sex and Truth truly represent.” He also added, “The camera will literally worship not only every square inch of her extraordinary body but it also captures her every thought in the process of projecting it in almost a spiritual context within her deeply felt and also inbuilt sexual emotions.”

God, Sex and Truth will release on 26th January 2018 at 9 am on ‘Mia’s Vimeo channel.(source koimoi)

Why Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu says sorry to common man

The Chief Minister was collecting grievances from the public at Naravaripalle in Chittoor district.Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, left government officials in a shock by saying sorry to a common man, who was stuck up in a traffic jam, caused by the Chief Minister. 
Andhra Pradesh,CM,Chandrababu Naidu,says,sorry,common,man
CM Chandrababu Naidu says sorry to common man

The Chief Minister was collecting grievances from the public at Naravaripalle in Chittoor district. The police blocked the traffic for more than an hour. An unknown passenger started shouting at the police for blocking the road. Noticing this, the Chief Minister said, “Sorry, on behalf of the officials.” The officials were inspired by the polite behaviour of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister has been collecting grievances from the public since last three days. On Monday, Chandrababu Naidu celebrated Sankranti along with his family at his place. The Chief Minister also visited local temples.(source deccanchronicle)

Top 10 Most handsome actor in the world 2018 only 2 Indian actors

Hrithik Roshan turned 44 on January 10, but it looks like his birthday gift came a little late. The green-eyed heartthrob, who has had a controversial 2017, is off to a good start this year as he has been crowned the most handsome actor in 2018.
Most handsome actor in the world 2018 

The title was awarded by World's Top Most. The Indian with the Greek God bod sat atop a list comprising of several actors, directors and producers. Among the many celebrities Roshan beat were actors who played Gods and vampires on screen.Twilight star Robert Pattinson set up tent at the second spot. The actor, who played a vampire in the Twilight films, was placed second thanks to his "charming look, mesmerising eyes and a very good style," the site wrote.In the third spot of the list was Canadian-Taiwanese model and actor Godfrey Gao. The 33-year-old is known for his role in several shows like The Kid from Heaven, Love Queen, Bull Fighting and Volleyball Lover.

May the fourth be with you signalled Chris Evans at number four, as the Avengers: Infinity War actor found a spot below Gao on the list. The actor, whose upcoming movie releases on May 4, has been winning hearts with his charming smile, deep blue eyes and heart-melting acting. (Have you seen him in Gifted?)

Interestingly, Evans is not the only Marvel character on the list. He is joined by the God of Mischief aka Loki aka Tom Hiddleston. The British actor is placed in the ninth position on the list, right below DC superhero Superman actor Henry Cavill. The Man of Steel star, who will soon be seen in Mission: Impossible 6 with Tom Cruise, stands eighth.Though Roshan topped the list, he wasn't the only Bollywood actor in it. The Top 10 most handsome actor in the world 2018 list also featured Salman Khan, who is currently enjoying the success of his December release Tiger Zinda Hai. The 52-year-old star was in the fifth place.

Others on the list are David Boreanaz (sixth), Noah Mills (seventh) and Sam Heughan (10th).

Last year's list also included Tom Cruise and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman.(source msn)