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02 July 2018

mestry death of 11 members of family in delhi

11 members of a family were found dead in their house in North Delhi's Burari area on Sunday.
mestry death of 11 members of family in delhi
mestry death of 11 members of family in delhi

10 members were found hanging from an iron mesh in the hallway while an elderly woman was found dead on the floor in another room. 
While the police registered a case of murder of the woman over death by strangulation, they are probing an occult angle to the incident.

Many answers we don't know

1. The elderly woman in the other room was strangled. If it was a "suicide pact", why was she murdered?
2. Did a family member kill them and commit suicide?
3. Why was the main door of the house open? Did the "killers" have a free passage?
4. If an outsider was involved, why did none of the neighbours hear the dog bark?
5. If it was a case of mass suicide, why didn't any of the family members leave a note?
6. Relatives say there were no issues in the family. If it was a suicide pact, what could be the reason?
7. Most of the deceased had chunnis around the neck with religious messages. Why?
8. Cops say robbery in the house seemed unlikely as cash found intact. Why did the killer, if an outsider, not take the money?

9. Why were the hands and legs of the deceased tied up if it was suicide?
10. The kids' bodies were found hanging too. Did the children agree to kill themselves without making any noise?
11. The children's feet were touching the ground. Were they killed and their bodies hanged?(source timesofindia)

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